Spring Ahead = house projects!

Spring already!? Time has been flying by and I am looking forward to all the beautiful spring flowers and awesome weather. Although, I really can’t complain about weather considering Charleston had a very mild winter. I only wore boots twice! One of my favorite spring time flowers is the azalea bush. Red to be exact. How pretty is this?

I have two several projects I would like to get done around the house but all require time and money, two things I really don’t have right now BUT I am obsessed with decorating and organizing! I think the best way to get my to-do list done is to prioritize and separate the “must do” vs. “would be nice to do”. Here is my “must do” list and the status of each:

  • Landscaping. Our house sits on a corner and I feel so exposed to the street and we are in dire need of some curb appeal!! Landscaping will be done on the side and front of the house. I plan to tackle the backyard myself at some point this spring.
    • Status/Plan to Complete: End of March for front and side. April/May for backyard. 
  • Back Porch Makeover. My wicker furniture is looking a little old! I found a great and easy way (HGTV.com) to restore wicker furniture. I will also add an outdoor rug, bamboo shades, and some flowers. Any other suggestions?
    • Status/Plan to Complete: Not yet started. April/May 
  • Laundry Room Makeover. I love my laundry room! It is very spacious and has great areas for storage BUT needs a little TLC and organizing. The room came with some shelving but could use more. This will require the hubby’s awesome handy installation skills since I have zero. I also want to paint the room from one of the Sherwin Williams “Colors of Charleston” collection colors. I plan on using Carolina Peach. I will also add baskets on the shelves for extra storage and purchase one of those laundry bins that separates clothing into three slots. Does anyone currently have one of these? Do you like it? Any other suggestions for my laundry room?
    • Status/Plan to Complete: Not yet started. Spring/Summer. 
  • Bathroom Style Upgrade. I love our bathrooms but feel they could use a little something in the decorating department. For the guest bath I want to purchase a new shower curtain and install shelving above the toilet. For the master bathroom I want to add some beachy prints to the walls and add more candles around the soaking tub.
    • Status/Plan to Complete: Not yet started. Summer/Fall

There you have it! That is my list. I could probably add more but this is a good amount to tackle in the next few months. My main goal is to do this as cost effectively as possible! My favorite stores to shop are Kirklands, Marshalls, Home Goods and Pier One. Stay tuned as I  we tackle this list and post before and after pictures!

 Do you have a spring time list of to-do’s? Would love to hear what is on your list!


8 thoughts on “Spring Ahead = house projects!

  1. I need to get organized! I have to focus on our office and coat closets. We have to hang pics too! Just in time to move again haha.

    My main to do is to get A’s birth announcements out (ha) and make A’s photo books from 0-3 and 3-6 months.

  2. Just make sure before you start your curb appeal outside that you contact the HOA board to make sure it is up to there standards. I would hate to see yall get another slap on the wrist. Haha.. I heard after the second fine they send you to jail. Is that true?

  3. this has a lot of cute laundry room inspirations…and that color sounds just peachy 🙂

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