Sadie Stats

This post is long overdue! I am dedicating this post to our amazing dog, Sadie. We got Sadie from a breeder when we lived in New York when she was just 8 weeks old! She is a fantastic dog and we have been lucky to have such a patient, loving dog. She is wonderful with Mikayla and although sometimes she can be a handful, she is a great addition to our family.


Breed: Chocolate Labrador Retriever

Born: January 5, 2009. One of 11 in her litter

Height: 25 inches (totally guessing)

Weight: 75lbs.

Hobbies: Walking/running, hiking, playing fetch with balls, freebies and sticks, swimming in any body of water including puddles, playing with other dogs, especially her boyfriend, Toa, chewing on bones and sticks, wrestling with Dad


I am the life of any party!

I love to swim!

Thanks for this pool but I would rather eat it and drag it around

Back in NY, I loved the snow!

I did so well in puppy class!

I am a good spectator and can cheer you on!

I was very adorable in my younger years

I love to sleep on the couch! And I look darn cute doing it

My pack leader is my best friend, I love him

Not too sure about this little person but I will protect her

I love my baby sister!



Yoga @ Home

Alright y’all, I must share this awesome yoga DVD with you! I am not one for working out at home since I get a much better workout at the gym, but this DVD is fantastic!

Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown! There are 2 levels on the DVD, each 30 minutes long and include a warm up and cool down. I am still on level 1 which provides some good strength training.  I usually do yoga twice a week at home and its great because I can go upstairs for 30 minutes and get a workout in without being too far from M and the hubby. I highly recommend it!

Do you have a workout DVD that you love?


A Day @ The Bach Household When Dad Travels

Rob’s job requires quite a bit of travel. According to his job description, 50% to be exact. Usually this means he travels every week for 1-2 nights at a time, sometimes 3 nights is required depending on where he is going. I feel spoiled when he gets a week off but try not to get used to it since the busy summer season is quickly approaching. When we talked about starting a family I knew that having a baby and a dog to take care of by myself when he traveled would be hard. Of course, I didn’t have a full understanding of what “hard” meant until I was put in the situation. Of course in the beginning when she was younger it was much more difficult. He started traveling again when she was around 7 weeks old. It has gotten easier but is still a challenge as I really don’t have time to make dinner for myself or just relax.  Here is a peak into our typical day and night when Rob travels:

4:30 – 5:30 – M usually wakes up during this time for a bottle and then goes back to sleep

5:30 – Alarm goes off, hit the snooze button at least three times (I shower at night to save 20 minutes in the AM)

5:50 – 6:30 – Get up and get ready for the day, feed Sadie, throw the ball around in the backyard for Sadie. Getting a fence was the best idea!

6:30 – 6:45 – Wake M and get her dressed (her sleep times vary right now, if she has a night where she gets up at 2ish, I will feed her around this time)

7:00 – 7:15 – Load up the car and head to daycare

7:30/ 8:00 – 4:00 /4:30 – At work

4:15 – 4:45 – Pick up M at daycare

5:00 – 6:00 – Feed M if she is due for a feeding, walk Sadie or throw the ball in the backyard, feed Sadie, wash bottles, do laundry (if needed), M takes a 30 minute power nap

6:00 – 7:00 – Eat dinner (usually something quick like a lean cuisine), feed M oatmeal and a veggie, give M a bath and get ready for bed, tummy time

7:00 – 7:30 – Feed M her final bottle for the night and put her down for bed

7:30 – 8:30 – Prepare bottles for the following day, take a shower

8:30 – 9:00 – Throw the ball for Sadie one last time, talk to hubby, read and go to bed!

There you have it! That is a typical day for the Bach family! I must say if it is raining it really sucks to play with Sadie outside!

What is your routine like? Do you ever find yourself completely off some days and find it hard to get back to your routine?



Easy Baked Chicken With A Twist

I was making dinner last night and wanted to do something a little different. I love the oh so simple baked chicken breast with bread crumbs but after a while it gets boring. Seeing as we have no food in the house and need to go grocery shopping, my options of spicing up my chicken were limited. Have you ever looked around the cabinet or fridge and tried to get creative with whatever you have lying around? Well….I did just that. I looked in the cabinet and my default is always Campbell’s Cream of whatever Soups, but that just wasn’t doing it for me. I was getting frustrated and about to give up and do the plain baked chicken when I remembered I had this in my fridge! 

Sabra roasted red pepper hummus! I can stuff the chicken with this! Here is how I made it:

  • Pre-heat oven to 350 and spray the bottom of 9×13 baking dish with Pam
  • Butterfly 2-4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (I don’t cut through all the way, just a small slit down the side)
  • Stuff inside of each chicken breast with 2 tablespoons (or more if you like) of roasted red pepper hummus (or any flavor)
  • Dip chicken breasts in beaten egg, then dip into bread crumbs. Coat evenly (you can use a toothpick to hold them together but I didn’t need to since they were thick)
  • Cover and bake for 30-35 minutes

And wallah! Baked chicken with a twist! I also sautéed some green beans in olive oil with S&P and onion.

Have you ever used something lying around to get creative with dinner? Was it a hit or a flop? This was certainly a hit for us and will be repeated!


Landscape Love

I am loving our new landscaping!! This was on my to-do list that I posted back on March 12th  and I am glad I can cross it off! I think it makes such a difference and gives our house some great curb appeal! Some of the flowers look a little wilted and I am questioning if they will survive. I guess when they get re-planted they get “shocked” and it may take a few weeks to come back to life. I am still planning on doing something with the backyard but right now we have other plans for that! Stay tuned for the backyard post to come soon!

New shrubs and flowers consist of the following: White dogwood tree, red knockout roses, loropetalum, miscanthus, purple lantana, red azalea, pink lilies and a pink-orange hibiscus. We also have metal edging and dark brown cedar mulch.

Before Photos:

After Photos: 

Do you have any landscape plans for your house?


Downtown Dining!

One of my favorite things about Charleston is the abundant selection of restaurants! I love going out to eat and trying new places. If you have never been to Charleston, I highly recommend it! Over the weekend Rob’s Dad came to visit and we took him to one of our favorites places to eat…Mercato! I have been here a few times and love taking visitors. They have a great selection of wines and Italian food. Beautiful bar area downstairs with a few tables and more tables upstairs. They have live jazz every night too. Click here for their website. Here is my review:

Place: Mercato restaurant, 102 North Market Street, Charleston

Type of Food: Italian

Price: Comparable for the area. Drink menu seemed a little too pricey

Items Ordered: Chicken Picatta, Chicken Parmesan & Chicken Marsala

Rating (1-10):

Food: 10

Atmosphere: 10

Price: 8

Beverage Selection: 8

Mikayla experienced her first Italian restaurant!







If you have ever been to Charleston, what is your favorite restaurant? Are there any places you would like to try?


A Baby First – Avacado!

This past weekend Mikayla tried avocado for the first time and loved it! I wasn’t worried about her not eating it since she is obsessed with her oatmeal! We first started oatmeal about a month ago and it took her some time to master the spoon. Now that she has gotten the hang of it, she loves it and can’t get enough! She will have oatmeal in the morning at daycare and then oatmeal and some avocado around dinner time when we eat. I love watching her get so excited!


here it comes!

OOOO Im ready!


wait, I want more!


I love my oatmeal!

wow, just noticed how much my camera sucks

 What is your baby’s favorite food to eat??




Society today puts a ton of pressure on us to be the perfect and ideal mold of a mother. The pressure that is put on women to be the perfect mother, to snap back to pre-pregnancy weight and slip into those designer fit jeans, have a perfect and healthy child that sleeps through the night by 3 months, work again as soon as possible, be the perfect housewife, continue to cook extraordinary dinners for the family, etc. is just plain ridiculous bullshit.

Instead of listening to the rants of what we “should be doing” as a new mother how about we applaud ourselves for what we enjoy doing and what we are physically and emotionally able to do.  I remember when I was on maternity leave and some days I was so emotionally exhausted all I could do for the day was take a shower. That’s it. To me, that was my accomplishment that day. If I didn’t get to cross anything off on my to-do list, I didn’t care. As long as I did something small like take a shower, I felt accomplished.

Instead of friends, family, co-workers and neighbors pointing out what their kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, etc. have done so well and what they think is best, we should concentrate on what WE do best and what works for US. If that means that your baby sleeps better on his/her belly rather than their back, then so be it. If that means having to put your baby in daycare and return to a full-time job in order to support your family and give them the life you have always wanted for them, then so be it. At the end of the day it is about that little miracle of life and what is best for them not what society, websites, and TV shows say we “should do”.

Instead of watching these moms on TV with their perfect hair, perfect bodies, perfect babies and wondering how they do it, realize that it’s never real! We should never compare ourselves to what these “reality” TV moms can do so well because it is fake. I bet when the cameras are turned off they struggle with the everyday demands of life just like us.

To all the future moms-to-be, being a mother and juggling everyday life demands and pressures will be the hardest job of your life. At the end of the day, the reward of your little one smiling up at you makes it all worth it.

To all the moms out there, applaud yourself for all you have done and continue to do on a daily basis for your little peanut. After all, we did create HUMAN LIFE in our womb in just 9 months and THAT in itself is the biggest accomplishment that we should be applauded for.