My Own Worst Critic

I have been meaning to do a personal post about my self image for a while now. Unfortunately, I am not confident enough to post a full body picture like my friend Kelly @ Baby W Is On The Way, who by the way looks fantastic! Go Kelly! Although I am not brave enough to post a picture right now, perhaps I will post a before and after once I reach my goal weight. 

Have you noticed that no matter how many people tell you “you look great” you still don’t believe it? Whether you have had a baby or not, there will always be something you don’t like about your body.  I step on the scale and I still don’t like where I am at. I never thought I would be this critical of myself. My friends say to give myself a break, I just had a baby 4 months ago but that’s easier said than done.

It is extremely difficult to get to the gym during the week. Most of the time I just want to get home and spend time with the hubby and peanut.  At times I even feel guilty going to the gym after work when Mikayla has been in daycare all day. It’s also hard with Rob traveling so much. I never imagined how childbirth would transform my body and change my self image.  Don’t get me wrong, I knew it would be different and I would need to work hard to get my body back BUT I didn’t know it would have such an impact on the way I feel about myself.

Today I change work on changing how I feel about myself.  Here are my goals to feeling more confident and positive about the body I have now:

Self Image Goals:

  • Say “thank you” when my husband compliments me and really start to believe him
  • Every time I get critical of myself, stop and think about how amazing Mikayla is
  • For every negative thought I have when I look in the mirror, think of 2 positive thoughts

Weight Loss Goals

  • Current weight = 151 lbs. Pre-baby weight = 140 lbs….11lbs to go
  • Gym twice a week. Saturday and/or Sunday and 1 day during the week
  • Attend at least one class at the gym each week. Today I will be going to a 45 minute spin class
  • Continue yoga at home 1-2 days per week
  • Continue walking during my lunch break
  • Improve eating habits and decrease daily calorie intake to 1500 calories

There you have it! What is the one thing you are most critical of? What are your goals for a better self image? If you have had a baby, what advice do you have for getting back in shape?

Would love to hear from you!


3 thoughts on “My Own Worst Critic

  1. You are so beautiful! I am also working on being less critical of myself. It is not easy but I realize it only harms me and I don’t want to spend my energy on that. Lets motivate each other to be accepting and loving with ourselves. Sending positive vibes your way *~*

  2. Sounds just like what I’m doing! Baby steps. Oh, and walking at lunch is a great idea. I’d love to get into that again, but that’s my blogging time… would hate to give that up 🙂

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