Sadie Stats

This post is long overdue! I am dedicating this post to our amazing dog, Sadie. We got Sadie from a breeder when we lived in New York when she was just 8 weeks old! She is a fantastic dog and we have been lucky to have such a patient, loving dog. She is wonderful with Mikayla and although sometimes she can be a handful, she is a great addition to our family.


Breed: Chocolate Labrador Retriever

Born: January 5, 2009. One of 11 in her litter

Height: 25 inches (totally guessing)

Weight: 75lbs.

Hobbies: Walking/running, hiking, playing fetch with balls, freebies and sticks, swimming in any body of water including puddles, playing with other dogs, especially her boyfriend, Toa, chewing on bones and sticks, wrestling with Dad


I am the life of any party!

I love to swim!

Thanks for this pool but I would rather eat it and drag it around

Back in NY, I loved the snow!

I did so well in puppy class!

I am a good spectator and can cheer you on!

I was very adorable in my younger years

I love to sleep on the couch! And I look darn cute doing it

My pack leader is my best friend, I love him

Not too sure about this little person but I will protect her

I love my baby sister!


4 thoughts on “Sadie Stats

  1. Sadie is so pretty! There is something so special about chocolate labs. I used to day dream about having one. Have a great day, C!

  2. What a cute post about your furry family member. 75 pounds – holy moly! I love the pic of her and her ‘baby sister’…too cute! She looks so protective. I love dogs. They are great with kids. We’ll have one someday. Too much going on right now. We gave our pet bunny to a new home before Avery arrived because he wasn’t getting the attention he deserved. Now, we get picture updates from his new family and he seems very happy.

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