Wine & Dine Date Night!

Rob and I enjoyed our first date night this past Saturday since January! It’s amazing how fast the time goes and you realize how long it has been since going out and enjoying a night out without baby in tow. We are fortunate to have met some fabulous friends on our street that were nice enough to come and watch Mikayla while we enjoyed a night out (thanks Matt & Vanessa!)  We waited until Mikayla was down for the night (around 7:30).


Our friend recommended a great bar to try for drinks called the Cocktail Club downtown. It was A W E S O M E!! A hidden gem downtown that I would have never found if it wasn’t for the recommendation from our friend. It has old Charleston charm with modern touches. Located on the second floor, they have a main bar area, separate lounge areas and even an outdoor patio. It has great ambiance and a good selection of beverages.

What We Drank:

C: I had a fantastic Cosmopolitan. I have had my fair share of bad cosmos but this was perfect.

R:  Antipasto Martini. Said it was “eh, ok”….a little too sweet for him.

 NEXT UP…DINNER  at Charleston’s finest steakhouse, Halls Chop House!

This place is amazing! We have been here once before and I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Charleston. The wait staff is very friendly and the owner and his son always greet you at the door and thank you for coming! Southern Hospitality at its finest!

What We Ate:

C: Glass of Riesling, caesar salad, 8oz. filet with béarnaise sauce, mashed potatoes

R: Glass of Pinot Noir, caesar salad, prime rib, mashed potatoes, asparagus with hollandaise sauce

We had a great time and it was nice to finally get out and enjoy each other! I would like to say that we will have a date night at least once a month but that might include M in tow. Maybe we can aim for a date night without M every other month. We are traveling home to visit family at the end of May and we will DEFINITELY be having LOTS of date nights while we are there! 🙂

What does your favorite date night out consist of??


6 thoughts on “Wine & Dine Date Night!

  1. I will watch her one night while you are in New York or we can all go out together and we can use one of our babysitters!

  2. That sounds like so much fun! I love filet. Yum! I am excited to get out for a date night again- we went when my mom was here (Wasabi, again- what can I say, I like sushi). Date night= good food and wine please!

  3. I am so glad you guys has a great date night! I love going out to dinner, having drinks and talking for a date. It is wonderful to spend time connecting.

  4. That’s the bad thing about living in Charleston your whole life, you take it all for granted. My favorite is dinner and a movie, but my pet peeve is I have to get to the movie early to watch all the NEW movie trailers or I will be upset or not even walk in. Y’all need to do a haunted ghost walk downtown, they are fun and you learn a lot about the city. Bulldog tours puts on one called the Dark Side of Charleston which is awesome. It tells you about all the bad things that happened in Charleston.

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