Packing List

The time has arrived! I need to start packing this week for our trip up to New York. We will be gone for 8 nights, 9 days so I needed a list to help me organize the giant suitcase that will be needed. Luckily my sister-in-law just moved to the next car seat size and we can borrow her old one. Yippee! I don’t need to bring the car seat or the base. One less thing to take up space! My friend is letting us borrow her high chair, pack-n-play, bottle warmer and some toys. So far, here is my list:

Large Suitcase:


  • 8 pairs of
    • Onesies, pants/shorts
  • PJ’s
  • 3-4 dresses/skirts
  • Washcloths/towels
  • Socks, headbands, pool hat
  • Zip up sweatshirt
  • 1-2 blankets (this is questionable since my parents have plenty of blankets)
  • Burp cloths, bibs
  • Pack – n – play sheet, cushion pad
  • A couple of toys
  • Some diapers
  • Zantac
  • Bottles, spoons, bowls
  • Formula, food, oatmeal
  • Monitor


  • Clothes for 8 days
    • Tops, sweatshirt, 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of capris,  2-3 pairs of shorts, dress
  • Jewelry
  • Workout clothes, sports bra, socks, sneakers
  • Hair dryer, hair straightener, brush
  • Toiletries
    • Face wash, moisturizer, eye makeup remover
    • Make up, deodorant, perfume, hair clips
    • Razor
  • Birth control pills ( an absolute MUST), allergy pills
  • Shoes, flip flops
  • Purse in checked luggage (except for wallet)
  • Camera, camera charger, phone charger

Carry – ons:

       Small Luggage

  • Change of clothes for Me, M and Rob
  • Extra diapers
  • Blanket
  • Baby Bjorn
  • Book, Zoom

        Diaper Bag

  • M’s birth certificate and social security card
  • Wipes, diapers
  • Toys, teething ring
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Diaper rash cream, travel size shampoo, lotion, etc
  • Burp cloths/bibs
  • Tylenol, gas drops, oragel
  • Formula, food, bottle
  • Boogie wipes, tissues, saline

Whoa…sounds like a lot! Has anyone traveled with a baby before? Have I missed anything? Is there something I probably don’t need that I can scratch from the list?





7 thoughts on “Packing List

  1. You can probably eliminate towels and washclothes. Your mom and my mom have plenty. If you want the smaller ones you can use a few of Dylans if you want.

  2. You probably don’t need bowls, spoons or maybe even food. Maybe enough for one day is good, but a quick trip to the food store will eliminate all those jars & formula cannisters which would probably put you over the weight limit in a suitcase.

    • Yes, we were planning on bringing food for one day and going to Target to get what we need for the week liek diapers, food, wipes, formula, etc. I will eliminate the bowls and just pack a couple of baby spoons

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