Bear with Me

Hi blog friends…long time no posting. I have a bit of writers block and need to find the motivation to start blogging again. I am contemplating deleting my blog all together but haven’t made the final decision just yet. I am going away for the weekend and will think about what I want to do. In the mean time, if you would like Bach’s by the Beach to continue…I would love to know! Sometimes I feel (as I’m sure many bloggers also feel) as if no one reads my blogs or enjoys reading my blogs. So if you chime in with your thoughts, I would greatly appreciate it!




10 thoughts on “Bear with Me

  1. You can’t stop blogging now..I’ve never had a friend that blogged before, and if you stop then I would have to search for someone that blogged to get my fix.

    Steps to finding a new blogger
    1. Be nice to someone new that I don’t know that blogs.
    2. Ask them for there website blog which would be ackward and uncomfortable.
    3. Save the blog to my phone for quick access which is hard enough as is.
    4. Then constantly telling them on there blog that it’s not as good as Bach’s blog, which would make my new blog friend mad and kick me off. Then I would have to start steps 1 threw 3 all over again.
    •••••as you can see this would not work.

  2. Please keep blogging!!! Love reading everything and seeing all the pictures and updates on my little niece!!!!

  3. Oh no! I’d love to ask you to keep blogging – but I totally understand if you stop. It’s hard work having to post frequently… especially when you have higher priorities, like a baby, husband, a house, a job, laundry, dishes to wash, family to see… I totally know what you mean. Most of the time I love blogging…but sometimes I just have to skip a day because it’s just too much. Looks like a lot of people like reading your blog, so if you’re concerned that nobody is reading… I think people are.. myself included! 🙂

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