Please Go To Sleep

We had an interesting sleeping non sleeping encounter with Mikayla Saturday night. Usually she is a good sleeper. Down between 7 and 7:30 and some nights she falls asleep with her bottle and goes right down, other nights she rolls around in the crib for ten minutes until she falls asleep.  It really varies. She will wake between 5 and 6, take a bottle and go back to sleep for another hour. Saturday into Sunday was a completely different situation and has left me and the hubby stumped as to why.

We heard her crying at 9:30…yes, 9:30 only 2 hours after she went to bed. After a few minutes I went in and she was crying but her eyes were closed. Then she stopped and was fine. This went on for the rest of the night. Every hour she would cry, yell, grunt, etc. for a few minutes but still be asleep. This of course, woke us up every hour. We ended up sleeping in separate rooms for a few hours just to get some sleep. The guest room is next to her room so the hubby went in there first and then I followed. Every time I would start to drift off she would start with the noises! I am a very light sleeper and wake to just about anything. She has a fan in her room to drown out cars and such (we live on the corner and we have a train) and that helps me to sleep as well. Finally she was up for good around 6. I fed her and she went right back to sleep…pretty quickly and slept for 2 more hours!

She is taking antibiotics for an ear infection and is feeling much better. Maybe her ears still hurt and she kept waking up from that? Maybe her top teeth were bothering her? Was she having bad dreams all night? I just don’t know. Luckily last night was much better. We didn’t hear a peep from 7:30 to 6.

Should we nix the monitor so her noises don’t wake us? She is down the hall so I would imagine when she is really awake and hungry we would hear her. I do have this awful fear of someone breaking in her room (her window is on the first floor) and taking her and if the monitor isn’t in there, we wouldn’t hear it. I know…I am paranoid! 

Has anyone else experienced this or have a guess as to why this happened?



14 thoughts on “Please Go To Sleep

  1. Love the title. You’ve probably seen the handful of blog posts about this from me, right? So I’ll proceed to tell you that you’re lucky this only happened one night. We’re still working on Avery sleeping thru the first of all, feel lucky. And she has an ear infection? Maybe that’s why she’s making noises and waking so much. I would sleep in that spare room or lose the monitor. If she needs you, you’ll hear her. I think she’s old enough that nothing will happen to her that you need to worry about. We don’t use a monitor because I can hear Avery from another room if he really cries. Good luck…hope the next couple nights go better and here are a few hugs and kisses for her boo-boo (ear) from Avery XOXO…

    • aww thanks! And yes, we are very fortunate that she is a good sleeper. I am sure Avery will get there soon but you must be exhausted! Sending the sleep fairy your way to sprinkle some sleep dust in Avery’s room! 😉

      • Thanks! We’ve been trying water at night to get him out of the nightly feedings… not working as of the past two nights. 😦 I’ll post another ‘Please Go to Sleep’ update soon…

  2. Andrew has a night like this every once in a while. I’ve always chalked it up to teeth bothering him or him being gassy. We still use our monitor because our rooms are on separate floors and we have fans on in both rooms for white noise so he would have to be really yelling for me to hear him.

    Hopefully she is back to sleeping well for you and you don’t have a bunch of those sleepless nights to deal with – I know they’re rough!

  3. I agree with Meghan- you are lucky! Ha. I was thinking about it and it seems like her teeth before just caused the random screaming for a little bit and then they were there. So maybe it is baby nightmares or gas or something? Although I guess all teeth can come in differently. These babies are a mystery!

  4. I think you should tie a bell from Baby M’s toe that leads to Sadie’s beaver tail. Then Sadie wakes up and evaluates the situation determining if it’s important enough to wake y’all up.

  5. Awe, poor girl. It is so hard when they can’t communicate with you what is bothering them. It sounds like something was making her not feel well, and it stinks they are unable to tell you so you have an idea. I still have a monitor for my daughter and she is 3 1/2 . Her room is on a different floor, but still I’m way too paranoid to ask. One of these days I am going to have to get rid of it. Currently we use it to hear her when she has to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.

      • My point is that we’re all sharing similar problems with lack of sleep, it’s just nice to read about how other people deal with it, makes me feel less like I’m the only person in the world who never gets any sleep. Didn’t mean anything negative about your post or title.

      • Oh gosh, so sorry! Your original comment came up in my spam box and when i clicked your link, it was blocked. Not sure why it did that. Once I approved the comment, i was able to access your blog. And yes, i agree! Nice to know there are others going through the same sleepless nights as you 🙂

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