“Please Go To Sleep” – quick update

Last week I talked about Mikayla retracting from her good sleeping patterns. Luckily she got back into her routine after 4 nights and was sleeping until 6am! WOOT WOOT! Unfortunately, this did not last. Turns out, her ear infection in one ear did not heal completely resulting in another antibiotic. Today is day 3 of the meds but the last 3 nights she has woken anywhere between 3 and 4am. I I give her ibuprofen before bed but it only lasts 8 hours.

I am not sure if she is waking up because of pain or if she is now waking up out of habit. We try not to feed her and rock her back to sleep but this fails every time and we end up giving her a bottle which throws off her schedule for the day.

Mom’s: What would you do in this scenario? Let your baby cry it out and not feed them, or get up and feed them hoping it will pass once they feel better?

HELP! I need some advice!



10 thoughts on ““Please Go To Sleep” – quick update

  1. I wish I had some advice for you. Dylan is not at all consistent either. I really wish I knew why. Some nights he will go back down on his own. Last night I was too tired and I sleep on the couch with him. I really dont want that habit but I needed the sleep. We have also let him cry himself back down too.
    I need some advice too from other mothers. Help!!! My son is almost 10 months old.

  2. That’s a tough one. By this age I don’t think that she needs that feeding and it might just be a comfort thing for her. How long do you let her go when she wakes up crying? Sometimes Andrew will wake up in the night and be yelling for a a few minutes, but he normally settles himself back down and goes back to sleep. If he escalates to really crying I know he needs something and go get him.

    I’m sure the pain she is having from the ear infection is probably a big part of her waking up. Hopefully that clears up soon and she gets back to her sleeping. Do you give her any ibuprofen/tylenol when she wakes up then and see if rocking will work? These kids and their sleeping are tricky!

    • thanks for the tip! We usually just wait 10 minutes, since i figure she is up because she is uncomfortable and probably won’t go back down. We might trying waiting longer tonight. We have, in the past, waited 45min but that was my limit. We havent given her another dose of tylenol when she wakes but maybe we could try that too. I just wish it would kick in faster!

      • I definitely don’t think I could make it to 45 minutes at night! I’ll let him fuss that long during the day at naptime, but I don’t have the patience to do it at night. I would say you are doing the right thing by checking her after 10 minutes at night, especially now with the ear infection. Oh I hope that clears up soon for her, I know it has to be uncomfortable for her and it’s definitely rough on you. Hang in there!

      • thanks! the 45 min was back when she was 5 months and we were trying to sleep train her. Now that the antibiotic is kicked in, she is back to sleeping until 5:30-6ish! yay! Now i know it definitely had to do with her ear

  3. I can’t remember when I stopped feeding my kids during the night. Once I stopped I didn’t go back but it is awful I have no idea when? Hugs, there is so much trial and error with being a parent.

  4. Ugh.. been there. When Avery is sick it’s hard to tell if he’s waking out of habit or pain. When he’s sick he gets special treatment-lots of cuddling and bottles in the middle of the night. When he’s back in good health, we put the hammer down and switch to water at night which has gotten him back into sleeping (almost) thru the night. Sick babies are tough to know what to do… go with your gut Momma.

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