Ferber Method: Nights 2 & 3

This must have work because nights 2 and 3 were MUCH better!

Night 2: woke at 5:30 and fussed for a few minutes. I think she went back to sleep but I am not sure…she could have been awake just hanging out. Up again at 6, had her bottle and back to sleep until 7:15

Night 3 (last night): Didn’t wake up until 6:15! She had her bottle and was up for the day.

I am really hoping this sticks and she doesn’t retract back to waking up. Most people I know say it takes roughly 3 nights and that the first night is the worst. Now I can agree with everyone and say that this method DOES work!



6 thoughts on “Ferber Method: Nights 2 & 3

  1. We just started this with Avery on Sunday. Night one was 2 hours of checking on him and crying ugh. Night two was 1 hour. Night three was 0 fussing. Last night was 20 minutes of fussing. and the middle of the night wakings went from 1 hour to 5 minutes of fussing… so happy to see someone else going thru it and making progress too!

  2. I’m glad to hear it worked! I did the Ferber Method twice with no success before I had to hire a sleep coach. Each time I tried, she was still screaming at bedtime after 10 nights, and then would always wake up after 45 minutes. It was awful because I had always heard that this method worked, and it was my last resort after everything else failed. I eventually did the fading method, had total success with naps, but then we took a step backwards with sleep on the night that I was to leave her room as soon as I put her in her crib. After 3 weeks of rocking her to sleep (because I had finally put my foot down about nursing her to sleep), my husband told me to just let her cry. Sure enough, it worked. She cried for about 20 minutes the first night, 2 minutes the second night, and that was it. Oh how I wish it had been that easy the first time we tried it, but it really wasn’t. But we’re past it and things are good, so who’s complaining?! 🙂

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