Camera Purchased!

I am super excited to announce I have made the investment and bought a Nikon D5100!I think I might start taking landscape and nature photos and see if I am any good at it! This will fulfill idea number 3 on my hobby list I wrote about here. It will be great to take pictures of Mikayla and capture those moments that come and go so fast that my current camera NEVER catches. I will start posting some of the photos I take and you can let me know what you think!

Have you ever bought any photos, whether just the image or framed images, on This is my favorite website and you can find just about ANYTHING on here! Maybe if I am good with my camera I can open an account and try selling them! Or maybe I am getting ahead of myself 🙂




While I will be offline for a little while, please leave me a message and tell me:

  • What type of blogs do you like to read?
  • What topics interest you the most?
  • What would you like to read about on my blog?

Looking forward to hearing from y’all!


Sea and Sand Festival

Ugh…Monday already!? It feels like the weekend flew by! We got out Sunday and enjoyed a beautiful day at Folly Beach for the Sea and Sand Festival. I have to admit I was a little disappointed. When I found this festival online it said there would be vendors throughout the street selling artwork, arts and crafts, food, etc. We got there around 9:30 and no one was set up. We walked the beach and the pier, watched a surf competition, had some brunch and around 11:30 still no vendors! I guess they were all out Saturday and either were late to set up Sunday or only set up Saturday. Now I know for next year to go on Saturday. 🙂 We still had a nice time walking around and enjoying the awesome weather.

M sleeping while we get coffee

Cute little coffee shop!

She always wakes up with a smile on her face! Love it!

On the pier

M chewing on her strap

View of the ocean from the pier

Bach’s on the beach!

Me and M at Rita’s for brunch

Trying to eat healthy…spinach salad with strawberries, pecans and blue cheese vinaigrette dressing….I hate how they drown the salad in dressing

Looking forward to going again next year! Hope y’all have a great week!


11 Things

Good morning! I have been tagged by Kelly @ Baby W Is On The Way to complete “11 things” survey. I love doing survey’s and think its a great way to let everyone know a little bit about me! Thanks for the tag Kelly! I was psyched when my hubby found her blog when miss Mikayla was born. Also a Charleston resident, she has offered me some much-needed parenting and coping advice! Her son Andrew is absolutely adorable and has amazing hair. Check him out!

Hope you enjoy my 11 things!

1.  Post the rules.

2.  Post a photo of yourself & 11 random facts about yourself.

3.  Answer the questions set for you in the original post.

4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.

5. Go to their blog/twitter/facebook and tell them that you’ve tagged them.


Wedding Day - 9/20/2008


11 Random Facts About Me

  1. Most people hate going to the doctor and hate the sight of blood. I on the other hand, HATE going to the dentist! I hate the sight of saliva and can’t stand when people spit in front of me. I can’t watch people brush their teeth…it really grosses me out. This just reminded me I have a 6 month check up this week! ugh
  2. I have road rage. I think it has gotten worse since moving South. Southern people do not know how to drive! The far left lane is a passing lane. If you do the speed limit get out of my way. If you see someone on your ass it means you need to move over. An on ramp is NOT for slowing down…it is for accelerating! Blinkers are on your car for a reason…use them! Anyway…
  3. I love Green Mountain coffee! I wasn’t much of a coffee drinker before having Mikayla but now I need at least 1-2 cups in the morning and luckily my office has ample supply of various flavors of Green Mountain. Carmel Vanilla Cream is my favorite!
  4. I am lactose intolerant. I have to take pills if I want to eat dairy. I will spare you the details of what happens if I don’t take them :-). It’s hard for me because dairy is in just about everything I love! Cheese, yogurt, chocolate, etc. Luckily they have soy milk and I am starting to see more lactose free products.
  5. I originally went to college to become a teacher. After one teaching class I changed my major to Business Management. Wish I stuck with the teacher route!
  6. I am obsessed with 90’s music and love the 90’s station on Pandora.
  7. I have a fear of flying. Not because I think a terrorist will take over the plane but after seeing Final Destination, it made my fear of flying even worse. I even check the seat back tray when I sit down ( like in the movie).
  8. I am one of 5 siblings and we are all mixed. I am the oldest. My step brother is 28, biological brother is 26, half-sister is 18 and half-brother is 13.
  9. I love to travel! In no particular order I have been to parts of California, parts of Florida, Bahamas, Las Vegas, Antigua and Jamaica. Hoping to travel again with the hubby real soon!
  10. I HATE spiders! I hate a majority of bugs but I am so afraid of spiders. Even the smallest spider scares me.
  11. My Mom called me her miracle baby. She was told (because of an illness when she was young) that she wouldn’t be able to have kids. She has 3 🙂

Questions from Kelly:

1. What is something that, prior to having a baby, you said you would never do as a parent that you are now doing?  What changed your mind?

Hmmm nothing comes to mind since she is only 3 months. I am sure that will change as she gets older.

2.  What is your favorite “me” time activity?

Hanging out with girl friends! Does that count as “me”time? If it means being alone with just myself I would say relaxing by the pool with a book.

3.  You can go back and relive one day in your life – what day would you choose?

Great question and a tough one! This might be a cliché answer but i would have to say the first day of my honeymoon. After all the wedding madness and drama, I was finally able to relax and enjoy being married to my wonderful hubby on the beautiful beach of Antigua.

4.  What is your dream vacation destination?

I love tropical so I would have to say Fiji and Bora Bora

5.  If you are going to happy hour what is your go to drink?

Grey Goose/Sprite

6.  Is there anything that your parents did during your upbringing that you are determined not to do with your kids?

haha – oh so many things! I don’t have a relationship with my biological father so it is important to me to be very open with my kids and make sure that no matter what our relationship is strong and we always communicate.

7.  If you were given tickets to any concert possible who would you want to see?  Who would it have been 10 years ago?

A comedian like Jim Gaffigan. 10 years ago – Mariah Carey ( i actually did see her in concert!)

8.  You only have 20 minutes to go online – what sites do you absolutely have to check before your time is up?

gmail , various blogs and

9.  Where are you in the birth order in your family (oldest, youngest, only child)? Has that had an impact on the number of kids that you want to have?

I am the oldest. I used to want 3-4 kids. Now I am just trying to manage 1 and maybe will consider 2 🙂

10.  If the world was ending tomorrow what would you eat for your last meal?

Oh so many wonderful options! appetizer: spinach and artichoke dip with warm bread, main entrée: mashed potatoes, cheese grits and filet mignon with crunchy Cheetos on the side!  dessert: chocolate peanut butter pie/cake

11.  If you could trade places with anyone for one day who would it be?  Why?

My hubby so I would know what it is like to be a guy.

My questions…

  1. You are stranded on an island, what are your 3 food must haves?
  2. If you could have any job what would it be?
  3. What is your favorite Valentine’s Day gift you have received or wish you had received?
  4. If you could have a wedding day do-over what would you change/add?
  5. I could not live without______because_____
  6. If you could offer a mom-to-be one piece of advice on motherhood what would it be?
  7. If you could star in a movie what movie would it be and why?
  8. Favorite chick flick? Favorite guy movie?
  9. My biggest regret in life is_____because____
  10. If you have a son/daughter but couldn’t give him/her their current name and had to pick an alternative what would it be?
  11. Was your birthing experience what you thought it would be? Good? Bad? Things you will do different second time around?

I tag:

Katie @ Legally Fit

Wendy @ Give Love Create Happiness

Lauren @ Settling By The Seaside

Spring Ahead = house projects!

Spring already!? Time has been flying by and I am looking forward to all the beautiful spring flowers and awesome weather. Although, I really can’t complain about weather considering Charleston had a very mild winter. I only wore boots twice! One of my favorite spring time flowers is the azalea bush. Red to be exact. How pretty is this?

I have two several projects I would like to get done around the house but all require time and money, two things I really don’t have right now BUT I am obsessed with decorating and organizing! I think the best way to get my to-do list done is to prioritize and separate the “must do” vs. “would be nice to do”. Here is my “must do” list and the status of each:

  • Landscaping. Our house sits on a corner and I feel so exposed to the street and we are in dire need of some curb appeal!! Landscaping will be done on the side and front of the house. I plan to tackle the backyard myself at some point this spring.
    • Status/Plan to Complete: End of March for front and side. April/May for backyard. 
  • Back Porch Makeover. My wicker furniture is looking a little old! I found a great and easy way ( to restore wicker furniture. I will also add an outdoor rug, bamboo shades, and some flowers. Any other suggestions?
    • Status/Plan to Complete: Not yet started. April/May 
  • Laundry Room Makeover. I love my laundry room! It is very spacious and has great areas for storage BUT needs a little TLC and organizing. The room came with some shelving but could use more. This will require the hubby’s awesome handy installation skills since I have zero. I also want to paint the room from one of the Sherwin Williams “Colors of Charleston” collection colors. I plan on using Carolina Peach. I will also add baskets on the shelves for extra storage and purchase one of those laundry bins that separates clothing into three slots. Does anyone currently have one of these? Do you like it? Any other suggestions for my laundry room?
    • Status/Plan to Complete: Not yet started. Spring/Summer. 
  • Bathroom Style Upgrade. I love our bathrooms but feel they could use a little something in the decorating department. For the guest bath I want to purchase a new shower curtain and install shelving above the toilet. For the master bathroom I want to add some beachy prints to the walls and add more candles around the soaking tub.
    • Status/Plan to Complete: Not yet started. Summer/Fall

There you have it! That is my list. I could probably add more but this is a good amount to tackle in the next few months. My main goal is to do this as cost effectively as possible! My favorite stores to shop are Kirklands, Marshalls, Home Goods and Pier One. Stay tuned as I  we tackle this list and post before and after pictures!

 Do you have a spring time list of to-do’s? Would love to hear what is on your list!

Welcome to our blog!!

My DH (darling husband) and I thought creating a blog would be a great way for family and friends to keep in touch and comment on our daily happenings and thoughts! Here you will find all types of lifestyle topics such as: family life, DIY house projects, cooking and baking recipes, parenting and baby topics from Mom and Dad’s point of view, and Charleston to-do’s to name just a few.

Our pages at the top are still a work in progress but I wanted to get our blog out there and post a few things in the mean time.

If you are a current blogger or just a blog reader, what types of topics do you post and what other blog posts do you find interesting and helpful?

Thanks for visiting! More posts to come soon!